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How S.B.S. Lien Services can work for your Association

When a homeowner fails to meet their obligation to pay monthly assessments as required, it is the responsibility of the community association to take the necessary steps to collect the assessment. In fulfilling that responsibility, there are strict procedures the association must follow when a homeowner is behind and owes money to the association on their assessment or other fees. 

When this situation occurs, the association will usually first try to work with the homeowner to make payments and get caught up. When this doesn’t work, the association will most often use the services of a lien collection company such as S.B.S. Lien Services (S.B.S.) to handle the collection process for them. We handle the entire process of collecting the past due assessments, from sending the initial demand letter, to filing and collecting on the lien, to foreclosure and the actual auction or sale of the property if it becomes necessary. 

Proper Handling of the Situation

We handle the collection process in a totally professional and respectful manner, and our collection activities rarely come to the point of having to foreclose or sell a property. Neither party want this, and a quick resolution is the desired result both parties are always looking for. 

Turning Over a Delinquent Account to S.B.S.

The procedure for turning over a delinquent account to S.B.S. is actually as simple as filling out a few forms, sending them into us and we will handle the rest and there is NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO START THE COLLECTION PROCESS. All fees and costs incurred by S.B.S. are based on our set fee schedule and are billed directly to the homeowner. Fees and costs will only be invoiced to the HOA if the result of the collection action is a senior lender foreclosure or the HOA completes their foreclosure action.

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Network of Services
S.B.S. provides collection services throughout the state of California for Property Management Companies and Homeowners Associations.

The services below are provided at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to the HOA.

    • Bankruptcy Information
    • Vesting Verification 
    • Senior Notice of Default / Notice of Sale Monitoring


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The HOA may offer the occupant of the property a specific amount of money


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Bankruptcy laws exist to cease all collection actions. The filing of the bankruptcy imposes an...



When homeowners fail to meet their obligation to pay their monthly assessments as required, it becomes